David Belli

David Belli

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First Name * David
Last Name * Belli
Username * Davidq19
Country * Netherlands
City Arnhem
Nationality Dutch
Languages DutchEnglish



Availability: student
Website www.3David.nl


I want to make it to the gaming industry. Mainly because of two things:

1. I want it to be my occupation.

2. I want to help out.

I started messing with the program Autodesk Maya when I was almost 14, treating it as if it were a new game. After making it a hobby I soonly came to realise that this is what I want to do when I'm grown up: Making games! I started life with DOOM 1 and 2 and Quake 3 arena. And am still playing the newest games on the market. Also for console gaming; I stay alert and follow the news. I study and analyse all the newest games that come across, I study people's preferences in games and I keep up with the newest features implemented in today's games.

The programs I use are: Maya, Mental ray, Photoshop, Crazybump, Effectslab Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Soundbooth. And I play around with Unity.

I teach myself (autodidactic) and follow the teachings of Qantm College and Digital tutors. I am working hard to become a character animator, mastering the 12 principles. And I have been studying rigging for quite some time.

I'd love to work for a game company.

Thanks for reading! :)